About Soul Collage

SC_Tote_Cv3  I believe there are so many things to distract us from taking the time to really understand ourselves. It is especially powerful to do this in the presence of other seekers, though hard to find a group where this can be done. In SoulCollage® groups, we are witnesses to each other in the journey. SoulCollage® can be surprisingly self-illuminating and transformative. It can spark and nurture one’s individual and ongoing self-exploration. Anyone (no artistic ability is needed) can create a collage to express or even discover an aspect or feeling about one’s self. The process becomes an honoring that can be enlightening, healing and empowering.

I live in a community filled with artistic energy and people who want to grow and connect. I want to bring SoulCollage® to as many people in as many venues as interested; whether in art studios, wellness centers or individual homes with friends. There are many therapeutic and spiritual settings that are supporting individuals in the journey of self-discovery and personal and spiritual growth and I am particularly excited to bring the process of SoulCollage® to them and support their efforts.

Watch a Video about Soul Collage® here.