January 9th, 2016

I became a first-time grandmother last month! There is often talk about the unfortunate timing of having a birthday around the Christmas holidays, but I am now convinced it is the most wonderful time to be born! This child of my child, so much like Jesus, who we celebrate with many beautiful songs and more gifts than we know what to do with, has brought our family much to celebrate. I look forward to celebrating her birthday every year and remembering the gift of her being and this most special, holy time.


Newborn Baby
(Evelyn Primrose, December 2015)

Who are you?
I am one who is a newborn baby
who is innocent and soft and smells sweet
who is easy to love and makes everyone want
to love each other just by my being 

I am one who burst into this world
who is alert and taking it all in

 I am one who brings peace and joy

I am one who brings people together, particularly family

 I am one who brings hope

  What do you have to give me?
I give you the reminder that you were once me
You were once a newborn baby
bringing love, peace, joy and hope.

 What do you want me to know?
I want you to know that you are still able
to bring love, peace, joy and hope. 

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