November 9, 2015

Where there is great love there are always miracles.  
-Willa Cather-

The community suit in SoulCollage is made of cards representing or honoring sentient beings in our lives. When we reflect on a card representing the energy, characteristics and/or story of another, we open ourselves to receive wisdom from them.

I have come to know the Lynch family and am deeply moved by their journey with cancer and their unshakeable joy in life and faith in God. They want others to live in joy and in the midst of their unfathomable challenges, they share their love freely to help us. They show me “how it’s done”;  how to stay focused on love no matter what.

I made this community card about Olivia Lynch and her family. This card shows Kelly keeping Olivia filled with hope. Olivia is a sweet, joyful child and is showing all of us the light. They are surrounded by angels and lifted in prayer by many. Even the doctor is praying.

I am sharing Kelly’s request: “Please pray … for relief from her pain. And please continue the bold prayer of healing her body completely.


I am one who
Looks to the light,
Lives in the light
Is light for others.
I am one who
Looks to love
Lives in love
Is love.
I am one
Who is suffering
and needs others to
look to the light and love
live in the light and love
be the light and love
to keep me alive.

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