May 22, 2015

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.  
                                                                                                -Kahlil Gibran-

Here is a card I made this month that I named Mother. Being the month of May, and after reading one million Facebook posts about mothers and motherhood, the theme was naturally on my mind and in my heart! 

In SoulCollage you use 3 I’s: IMAGES, INTUITION and IMAGINATION.

I started this card by picking images that I was drawn to. I couldn’t help but see a theme of images that captured how much I loved being a mother but I did not know why I was drawn to the super flexible older woman. It didn’t seem to “fit” the theme. My intuition wanted that image in the card, so I glued it all together and figured the why would become clear. After you make a card, you use your imagination and complete the phrase “I am one who” as if you are the voice of the card. It can be kind-of intimidating when you don’t know what the card “means”, so you just look at the images and keep completing the phrase. This is done with the “witnesses” of the gathered group and scribed for you so you can freely let the words flow.

In this way the card tells you what your soul knows, so you can know it too!

Here is my card, Mother, and what it said to me, (with a little editing, such as deleting the “ums”!)

I am one who wanted to be a mother.
I loved being pregnant.
I wanted each of you with everything in me.
I am one who loved teaching you, reading to you, playing with you.
I loved seeing you play, create, grow, learn, and love.
I am one who saw the miracle of you.
I saw the world through new eyes because of you.
I am one who tried so hard to be a good mother,
I worried about so many influences that I couldn’t control
I tried to mold you to my idea of you
I lost sight of the miracle of you
I lost touch with the joy of motherhood
I am one who learned from you
I became flexible and able to really love as I am loved
I learned to relax and trust you and life
I am one who sees you as my mother too!
Spring 2015

My goal in sharing my personal cards is to help make the process of SoulCollage real for you.  This is just one of my cards related to my children, women and motherhood. Perhaps you will start seeing images and realize your soul is calling you to make a card!

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